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  1. Thanks @creedon, it was method two that I think works best in responsive modes. But I can't get the padding quite right. the padding [0 0.25em] applies only to the top and bottom of the three lines of text. so there is padding before the 'A' to start the first line but then not the first letters of the next two lines. And padding after the final full stop, or period. I've tried adding padding to .h1-inline-background id but it doesn't seem to apply evenly to all three lines. If you or anyone has any suggestions to make padding even at the start and end of each line of h1 text,
  2. Thanks mate, I appreciate the help. I'll give these a try and respond here with feedback and any other info.
  3. Site URL: https://green-drum-5z5y.squarespace.com/ Hi all, I would like to create a background color behind some heading fonts that are over banner images, like this example below. I can create a background colour behind the whole text box, but I want it only behind the font lines, like in the attached. Can someone please help me out with either a custom CSS, html or markup solution for this? My site is in development but can share a password to access if required. Thanks,
  4. Site URL: https://www.joquilter.art Hi All, I'm trying to hide the logo section and title Who I've Worked With on this website on mobile devices. Haven't managed it yet. Thanks for any help! I've tried a few block and section ids but currently using this custom css code: @media screen and (max-width: 640px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1597015077596_71{ display: none; } }
  5. Aha, got it. thanks for your help!
  6. OK, tell me if you can't access this: https://flute-penguin-hjsr.squarespace.com/ p/w: opacity20072020
  7. It's not live yet, sorry.
  8. Hi RWP, the rgba format is not working as suggested for some reason. And the opacity: 0.5 script applies to the whole box area, text and background. I want only the background color to be transparent.
  9. Hi all, I'm having trouble changing the opacity of a heading background color in the custom CSS field. I'm using the code below and thought the .5 in the final line would make opacity 50%. But it isn't working for some reason I can't figure out. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1595131393232_6522 { padding-top: 20px; background-color: #292b47; /* fallback for old browsers */ background-color:rgba 41, 43, 71, .5; } The attached screenshot is how the block renders.
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