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  1. @rwp - I've just tried again and it's now working! I hadn't realised the first line of the CSS code had to be included 😕 Thank you so much for your help. Best wishes Karina
  2. Thanks @rwp I have add this in the Custom CSS, but it has highlighted an issue: Syntax Error on line 9. Not sure how to rectify - thanks for your help!
  3. Site URL: https://www.paulcoghlin.com/behind-the-eyes-limited-edition-animal-prints Hello Does anyone know how to remove the word 'category' that appears on the drop down category menu on a mobile device please? It doesn't appear on the website when viewed on a desktop PC (instead it displays the actual category, which is what I want). When viewed on a mobile device, I want the actual category to show (in this case for example, I want Behind The Eyes to show, rather than the word 'category': https://www.paulcoghlin.com/behind-the-eyes-limited-edition-animal-prints Hope this makes sense! Thank you.
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