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  1. What is your site password so we can take a look at the site?
  2. From looking at your site, it looks like you've been able to do this already. If you only wanted an icon link that opened up in a new tab (rather than the text), try this in your Code Block: <a target="_blank" href="https://www.linkedin.com/" target="_blank"> <i class="fa fa-linkedin" aria-hidden="true"></i><span class="sr-only">LinkedIn</span></a> Replace https://www.linkedin.com/ with your own LinnkedIn profile link The LinkedIn icon comes from Font Awesome, so make sure to add this link to your Contact page's Code Injection in the Advanced section: <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://stackpath.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" type="text/css" />
  3. Try this in your CSS panel: .products.collection-content-wrapper .category-filter-wrapper { padding-bottom: 1vw; } To remove it altogether, try 0vw as the value with padding-bottom
  4. To take a look at your site, what's your site password?
  5. Are you using a Code Block? If so, uncheck 'display source' inside the block. If you'd like to send us the exact code here and the URL of your site it will be easier to pinpoint the issue.
  6. Try this but add your font to it like the others: /* For the blog post titles */ h1.entry-title.entry-title--large.p-name { font-family:'pragmatica-extended'; }
  7. Could you set a site-wide password and share that here so I can take a look at the site? Set the site-wide password by going to the Settings section, Site Availability.
  8. Could you add your site URL here so I can see your site?
  9. Not certain of the font you're wanting to use instead but try this in CSS panel in the Design section: /* For the Featured posts in the Summary Block */ a.summary-title-link { font-family:'pragmatica-extended'; }; /* For the masonry blog titles */ .blog-masonry h1.blog-title { font-family:'pragmatica-extended'; }
  10. Scripts can sometimes be disabled while logged in. Best to check your site when logged out or in an incognito window to see how the code looks. If it's still not displaying, reply with your site URL and site-wide password if you have one set so we can take a look.
  11. Just in case it's helpful: for site wide passwords Squarespace will display extra dots automatically but your password would still the one you set. As an example, if your site password is 'pass' Squarespace will automatically hide it with dots and those dots will be more than four. This got me for ages when I started so I hope it helps.
  12. When an Instagram feed isn't updating, you can check the connection between Squarespace and Instagram. Go to Settings on your site and then Connected Accounts. If you see a red message about reauthorization, you'll need to reauthorize the connection. Then go to the Instagram Block directly and check that connection matches.
  13. Could you double check your site URL? I'm seeing that the site doesn't exist so I can't check it out. Thanks!
  14. Hey @cjfeagin , this can happen if the thumbnail image isn't changed. When you open your product's settings, you'll see the images you've uploaded, but click on the Options tab to see the thumbnail image specifically. It sounds like for all images the thumbnail is the same so you'll need to change that in the Options tab.
  15. On Squarespace you'll need to upload images to an Image Block (or another image supporting block) inside blog posts for them to show on the page. Once the image is uploaded then you can drag / move them around the page. As for using another service and linking back to your site, you could just use a web address (of your external blogging service) as a navigation link.
  16. Hi! This helped me when my social links were left aligned on desktop and centered on mobile: @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { .social-icon-alignment-left .sqs-svg-icon--list { text-align: center; } } Hope it helps!
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