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  1. Site URL: https://matteprojects.com/ Does anyone know how to change a full-bleed background image when hovering over different text links. I'm trying to achieve something like the first page section of this site: https://matteprojects.com/ I have found hover on image solves, but not for multiple text links (each showing a different background image) Thanks!
  2. Ok thank you! I just reset spacing to default.
  3. https://robin-arugula-96yt.squarespace.com/ pass: rule23? Actually now I see it spanning full width with new spacing settings - but can I code the HR to be full-bleed without having to set my site-wide page width to (max) 3000 and site margin to 0px?
  4. Is there a way to make a horizontal rule go full-bleed in 7.1? The maximum site width of 3000 still leaves side spacing. Wondering if I can work around this. Thanks!
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