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  1. I am experimenting with custom effects on the pagination part of the blog at the bottom, however whenever I add something into custom CSS it has a static name such as "Next" or "Prev" as the text to click onto the next blog. How do I set it up in such a way so that it says what the name of the next blog post is?
  2. Site URL: https://www.supersonic-monkey.com/vision Yesterday I uploaded an image into Squarespace, and followed a YouTube video to add custom CSS to use this image as my footer. However I am now unable to delete the image. I have removed all of the code that I used to use the image as the footer, however the image is still there. The only way to get rid of it is by deleting the entire footer (I know because I tried this but discarded changes) not an option I want to use because I have put a lot of work into other areas of the footer. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Connor
  3. I have solved this problem. So I made a custom code block, populated all the information using the data available on F12 so it was identical to the existing block. Then from there I made minor changes to the areas I needed to change. Full control through using code blocks is great!
  4. Site URL: https://www.supersonic-monkey.com/vision There are 3 titles in my footer. Get involved, Debut Product Launch, & Contact Us Direct I want all three to have custom font (which I have already installed in Squarespace) and custom colour. I know how to change colour with custom CSS as have done it in other areas, however I have used the block identifier tool but it will not change colour even though I have tried all the possible blocks that appear using the identifier. I have also pressed F12 to locate blocks but it wont change colour using the blocks I find there either. Please could someone show me how to change the colour and font of those three headings using custom CSS? The password to the site is 2222
  5. its supersonic-monkey.com password is 2222 On the vision page, im trying to make the words 'Join the troop' at the bottom (not the button) smaller. I have now removed it from the footer so it is instead part of a normal block but still cant change the text size
  6. So I am using the following code to change text parameters in the footer such as text size: #block-5f0b425e7185980e19ff38a7{ position:absolute; margin-top:00px; margin-left: 0px; font-size:20px; } However when I make the change, the text size stays the same, but the 'SquareSpace Collection/Block Identifier' Extension Block ID (White with black text) changes instead. Could someone please explain how to change the size of the text and not the Block ID? Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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