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  1. Site URL: https://hannahrushton.com/portrait-photography I had a code for a fix on my website that has stopped working. Essentially, I had certain pages where the logo would re-direct to hannahrushton.com/portrait-photography so that I can have two separate sections of my website for food photography and then for portrait photography. Basically when you would be on any of the pages on the portrait photography side, the logo would revert to hannahrushton.com/portrait-photography and if you were on any pages on the food photography side the logo would revert to hannahrushton.com. Before I had
  2. Hi Derrick, Unfortunately that didn't work for some reason. The page that I inserted the code on just goes blank. This is the CSS code that I was using to hide the homepage from specific pages ... would this work for the "info" page as well? body#collection-5f0f800fa6123d66a75ae516 .nav-item.homepage { display: none; }
  3. Site URL: https://hannahrushton.com/info I need to hide a menu item (the "info" page linked above) from a few pages on my website. Please let me know if that's possible! Thank you so much in advance!
  4. That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!! Here's another hypothetical question. What if I wanted to hide the "about" menu item, and replace it with an "about me" page for just this page? Is it possible to add additional menu items to this landing page?
  5. It's this page: https://hannahrushton.com/hannah-rushton-photography/families And I would just want to hide the "home" menu item.
  6. Site URL: https://hannahrushton.com/hannah-rushton-photography/families I need to hide an item on the navigation menu on a specific page for the Carson template. I've tried a few different codes, but none have worked for the Carson template. Any ideas? The only other option that could make this work would be changing the link to the specific nav menu item for just one page, without affecting the other pages on the site. Let me know if either is possible. Thanks in advance.
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