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  1. To create an invert effect on a dark coloured logo add this to the CSS: body.collection-type-index .color-weight-dark #logo img { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); } Filters are recent CSS features so this will work now in the later versions of Safari, Google Chrome and IE9+. Firefox will eventually support filters it seems.
  2. I checked how Forte manages the changing colours on the main screen and it uses the concept of colour adjustment based on Color Weight Light and Color Weight Dark. Here’s the CSS that you can copy and paste into your site Custom CSS Editor and change the colour scheme to suit. It includes all the elements including the title (e.g. body.collection-type-index .color-weight-light #logo .logo a) and nav (e.g. body.collection-type-index .color-weight-light #topNav .main-nav li a) and all other elements that change colour depending on the background colour weight. Note: Most of these use transitio
  3. The alignment looks okay to me: At the moment you have two columns and two rows. Your site is not very wide. The images automatically resize based on the browser view size (i.e. adjust for mobile). You could override the CSS to set a specific width e.g. width: 20%; or width: 250px;. We do a lot of these changes for customers but customisation like this usually takes a bit of CSS coding. In the Style view you can access the Custom CSS Editor.
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