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  1. Site URL: https://bonnieandgarcia.squarespace.com/ Hi I would like to add a 'save the date' button to my home page. I note that I don't want to create a separate events page just yet, just a single button on my home page that will add the date listed (6 February 2021, 5pm to 10pm) to the recipient's apple or google calendars. Is this possible? My URL is https://bonnieandgarcia.squarespace.com/ password: pablo304 Thanks in advance!
  2. I just changed the details of the code so that it would work for the other banners - thanks so much for your help!
  3. Hi All the images on the home page are banner images, not image blocks. Originally I wanted the images to span the full width of the website so I used banners, but the images were a bit overwhelming at that size, which is why they're shown smaller.
  4. Site URL: https://bonnieandgarcia.squarespace.com/ Hi I'm using the sonny template and I can't work out how to reduce the banner sizes on my home page to suit mobile view. The banner images are fine when viewed from a computer, but are significantly cropped in mobile view. How do I reduce the size of the banner images so that their entire width is visible in mobile view? I've read through other forum posts with the same issue but can't work out how to get the custom css codes to work for my website - thank you! My URL is https://bonnieandgarcia.squarespace.com/ passwor
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