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  1. Thank you! This worked perfectly. If I didn't want the now stacked gallery and text box to take up the full width of the window, would I be able to make it narrower?
  2. Site URL: https://www.jeanettepididesign.com/our-studio Hello! On my site, I have a slideshow gallery next to text box. This looks good at desktop size, however, at tablet size, the gallery is small and the text is crammed next to it. Is there a way to force the text box to sit below the gallery (like it does on mobile) at tablet size? Attached are some screenshots. Thanks!
  3. I ended up just removing the spacers. They were causing the collision. It looks like the left spacer would remain when viewed at tablet size, but the right one was disappearing, causing the left side to have an indent while the right did not. I tried removing the left spacer on tablet only with CSS but it wouldn't readjust the rest of the content. They are a bit spread apart now on desktop view, but I will be able to live with it.
  4. Site URL: http://jeanettepididesign.com Hello, I'm running into an issue on my site when at Tablet size. I have three buttons in a row, but they collide on a tablet. They are fine on desktop and they break onto separate lines on mobile which is also fine. If you look at the edges of the page, it looks like the issue is with the left button not moving left when scaling because the left and right sides are not even. Not sure what's causing this or how to fix it. I would either like to have the left button shift left correctly or have them split onto three lines like they do for mobile. I have a spacer placed on both the left and right edges, I think this may have something to do with it. Attached is a screenshot, but the site is also live. Any ideas on how can I achieve this? TIA!
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