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  1. maybe it's a plugin. Can You solve it please. i really don't understand it.
  2. Site URL: https://youhavetodo.squarespace.com Believe me, I tried almost a week on this problem. I read different articles watched YT videos but it's not worked accurately. P.W.- 11111A Can anyone please solve it. I just want to Responsive Dot carousel with Clickable slider change. It will very beneficial for me. @rwp @paul2009
  3. Site URL: https://youhavetodo.squarespace.com P.W.-11111A I want to Full width and Responsive design.
  4. @rwp , It still same. i can't fixed it. Can you Please check my CSS code. 1. I want to take margin top and bottom. and, 2. Submit Button in Center position.
  5. Site URL: https://youhavetodo.squarespace.com Site P.W.- 11111 1. I want to add "TOP AND BOTTOM" margin. 2. SUBMIT bottom in Center Position. Anyone Please..!! Code- https://codepen.io/soufiane-khalfaoui-hassani/pen/LYpPWda
  6. Site URL: https://siteid.squarespace.com/ It not working on my site. Please SOLVE these problem. Website Password: 11111 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <script src = "https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> const typedTextSpan = document.querySelector(".typed-text"); const cursorSpan = document.querySelector(".cursor"); const textArray = ["hard", "fun", "a journey", "LIFE"]; const typingDelay = 200; const erasingDelay = 100; const newTextDelay = 2000; // Delay between current and next text let textArrayIndex = 0; let charIndex = 0; function type() { if (charIndex < textArray[textArrayIndex].length) { if(!cursorSpan.classList.contains("typing")) cursorSpan.classList.add("typing"); typedTextSpan.textContent += textArray[textArrayIndex].charAt(charIndex); charIndex++; setTimeout(type, typingDelay); } else { cursorSpan.classList.remove("typing"); setTimeout(erase, newTextDelay); } } function erase() { if (charIndex > 0) { if(!cursorSpan.classList.contains("typing")) cursorSpan.classList.add("typing"); typedTextSpan.textContent = textArray[textArrayIndex].substring(0, charIndex-1); charIndex--; setTimeout(erase, erasingDelay); } else { cursorSpan.classList.remove("typing"); textArrayIndex++; if(textArrayIndex>=textArray.length) textArrayIndex=0; setTimeout(type, typingDelay + 1100); } } document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { // On DOM Load initiate the effect if(textArray.length) setTimeout(type, newTextDelay + 250); }); </script> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Site URL: https://customizename.squarespace.com/ https://customizename.squarespace.com/ P.W- 11112 I want to align this section 3 testimonial in 1 row. I used this code, but it didn't work- display: flex; flex-direction: row; flex-wrap:wrap;
  8. It's Working perfectly. @tuanphan But, I want to make only this section full screen. right now, this code effect all of the section. and i try Data-section-id for this. but, it still not working.
  9. This is the Code-https://codepen.io/devjamal/pen/WMEVBL I Have some Problems with this code - 1. Can't make Full size Background. (it always take some margin both left and right sides) 2. Can't make is Center Positions. (always take some padding in left side) If You solved it with some codes it will very beneficial for me. (my E-mail- takiulhassanspondon999@gmail.com)
  10. Site URL: https://spondon.squarespace.com/ Please, Tell me the way of use with relevant example. Advance thanks.
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