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  1. Cool name for your business! I wouldn't recommend any SEO extensions. I would focus on using the tools that Squarespace has built in, trying to make your site as light as possible. While providing the most amount of value to the end user who is searching in Google. If you want to take SEO REALLY SERIOUSLY then you may want to opt out of Squarespace because their site speed is going to be a huge issue if you are targeting any keywords with decent competition. Start here: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/beginner/seo-starter-guide?hl=en%2F&visit_id=637624087122286022-2696778957&rd=1
  2. You are not alone. Even if you optimize all your images, you will still score poorly on Googles PageSpeed tests. Squarespace has a bunch of backed code that we can't optimize. They say they are working on it, but whenever this topic comes up all we hear is crickets, or "we are working on it." No timeline from Squarespace as to when this will be fixed, which is too bad. Bottomline is, if you want a blazing fast website TODAY, then Squarespace is not the superior choice. Maybe in a few months they will release an update that solves this pain point. If you are on Squarespace 7.0 then your site might be doing alright in real world tests, which you can see in your Search Console under "Page Experience" Google said themselves that they will take real world data over testing tool data. In my experience 7.0 sites are faster then 7.1 in the real world. If you care to watch my rant and see some examples of Squarespace site speeds then you can check out my video about this B.S. : https://youtu.be/BGNmTb1G5a8
  3. Looks like you got hit by the Core Web Vitals update. But to verify I would look at who started outranking you and see if they indeed have a faster website. In your Search Console, what are your Page Experience numbers?
  4. We are (not so patiently) waiting for Squarespace to give us a timeline/update on when they are going to speed the backend up. They have said they are working on it, but Google is dropping a big update in just a few short weeks. In this update pagespeed is going to be a larger ranking factor then before so.... Pretty much all you can do is optimize images and video uploads, remove any JavaScript that you added, and everything is is untouchable by us. Personally this is very frustrating for me and my clients!
  5. This shouldn't be affecting your rankings yet... The update isn't supposed to roll out until Mid-June. In Google Search Console does your site have poor page experience URLS? I shared a few of my findings on some clients sites in this video if your interested.
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