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  1. I've used accordions for FAQ's in the past and it works ok with just text. Is there a way to add text blocks, image blocks, spacer blocks, etc. to an accordion (OTHER than with manually coding the markdown block)? I have several pages, all of which need accordions, and many of the individual accordion sections have different types of content in them (text, images next to each other). It's taking a long time trying to manually code all the html and css with divs, etc. and I'd like a way to simply add blocks to each accordion section as needed. Suggestions are much appreciated!
  2. @tuanphan Thank you. Does this code need to appear on every page where the sidebar with nav should go? I want it on all pages except for Home page and to behave dynamically (similar to the Bedford template).
  3. @tuanphan Fantastic! Would you mind sharing the code you used to do this just so I can get started? Thanks.
  4. Is there a template on 7.1 that has both a top navigation and sidebar navigation? Or is it possible with code to add that functionality to a site on 7.1? Thanks for any assistance.
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