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  1. + on mobile the text has no padding either on both sides, how could I add that only for the text?
  2. Didn't fix it yet – still see the padding on mobile
  3. @rwp and on the mobile there is still some padding on top. I guess we are almost there 🤞
  4. Thanks @rwp! Just tried it, I noticed on the biggest screen size I still have the margins left and right.
  5. @tuanphan Actually it isn't working on desktop either, got spacing on the right and left too. I'm afraid the values aren't right. see screenshot
  6. I guess it works on the desktop version but not on the mobile version, I have on the right side too much spacing (so if I scroll down the screen wiggles because the width of the site is larger) I attached a screenshot. Any idea how come?
  7. I inject already some code, but when I check it on mobile, I see there is some spacing on the right... could you check how come? Are those values ok with the site margins? Then also, I would like to set the image stacks on section 3 on full width and don't know how to do it.
  8. I have set it public, so you should have access now 🙂
  9. https://pufferfish-lion-mkrm.squarespace.com/ + Just shared the code too as it might be useful. (—> see edited question above)
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