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  1. Ditto- may have to migrate a site that is less than a year old because of this issue.
  2. Spending it grumbling that tax variants and tax overrides are STILL not an option so we are missing an enormous online sale opportunity because Commerce still will not support multiple tax rates. Unfortunately starting to look at leaving Squarespace due to this critical commerce flaw.
  3. Hi there, Had a good chat with support this morning but I wanted to post the summary here for further attention. We launched our new site last month which includes services as monthly subscriptions. Turns out that, when a customer cancels, we must manually change their subscription status to pending or some other status in order to generate/export a list of active subscriptions to fill at the next fulfillment date. That we must do that manually is clumsy at best. Should a cancellation email get missed/ not get to us, we still would process that order for the next month's fulfillment date. There is currently no way to view in the orders panel/export ACTIVE subscriptions - unless as I say above, we first have MANUALLY changed the order status of any cancelled order seems to me that would be a very important feature. I cannot imagine a much larger business with hundreds of subscriptions doing this manually.
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