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  1. Sorry for massive delay in replying. I've discovered that if you upload an image 300kb or smaller as your Alternative Social Sharing Image for the specific page it'll work - jump into the Social Image settings for the specific page by clicking the cog next to it in the Pages section of your dashboard. Whether this is the actual fix or just a workaround I'm not sure - but it works for me. Hope that helps.
  2. Just a quick response to this - seems to be WhatsApp is sensitive to the size of SEO image used. I played around with the size of the image file and it now shows up as a preview/thumbnail when sharing. No idea if that's a fix or not but it's a workaround that's working for me.
  3. Hi Creedon, would you be able to help me limit the number in a form field? - ie rather than a character account, the entry I'd like to limit is a number value - ideally 250 being the maximum number. Here's my site and the page that I'd like the code to apply to: adventureoban.org/one-million-miles-demodemo The field entry in question asks 'How many miles did you clock up in today's session?' Many thanks, Ben.
  4. Site URL: http://www.adventureoban.org Hi folks, I've seen lots of other posts about this issue but cannot for the life of me nail down a fix. The issue appears to be a common one: when sharing any URL of any page on my site over WhatsApp, WhatsApp will not offer a preview image. When sending on iMessage or posting on Facebook, all links post fine (I have used the Facebook Debugger Tool to verify and test/check as well as doing actual live posts). Interestingly, before connecting my custom domain everything worked fine - WhatsApp would offer an image preview when sharing the Squarespace-generated URL to my website. Can anyone help? Many thanks, Ben.
  5. @strawberrybrandstudio Hey guys, were you able to find out what fix your developer got to make this work? I'm encountering the same issue on a number of my sites. Only seems to be once I set up custom domain (using the Squarespace placeholder URL everything works fine). Any help anyone?
  6. Site URL: http://www.chimes-giraffe-wcjp.squarespace.com Hi folks, we'd like to code a very simple form. As a community, we're collectively accumulating One Million Miles of activity. We need a form/equivalent that people can fill in their name and number of miles. We would then like each entry to increase a grand total accumulator figure. eg I run 5 miles, I visit our site, input my name and the 5 miles of activity - I then see the previous grand total of 5000 increase to 5005. Crucially, we need it to be very simple and for people to be able to revisit as many times in the week as they like. We have investigated a Strava plugin but think it's perhaps over-engineering a simple solution. We're not averse to this being taken care of by a membership plugin if that's what people think is best. Grateful for suggestions! Ben.
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