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  1. Site URL: https://reindeer-minnow-pcea.squarespace.com I had built our website www.vikasdutt.com on squarespace a couple years back. I need to change the website to allow for better categorization of images. The navigation structure that I needed were available closest on Bergen template and my redesigned site is reindeer-minnow-pcea.squarespace.com. However, I am not happy with how navigation text appears on mobile view. Very cluttered titles for portfolios (attached image 1). Can the font sizes be made smaller? Better still, can the menu & submenu be available as side bar as overlay on the existing page like Google maps/gmail/https://in.pinterest.com/pin/186547609537502074/ (instead of opening as a different screen)? If I select Style 1 under portfolio (title on hover), on mobile version, title is not visible (as you can't really hover a mouse on mobile) (attached image 2) Navigation text at the bottom to move across projects is very large and not mobile friendly. I would like to reduce size of same. (attached image 3) Any suggestions on how these could be resolved?
  2. Do we have any update from SS on when Search feature will be enabled? If not, then can someone help me? I am not a programmer so not sure how to implement the steps given in the video.
  3. Many thanks for your prompt reply. Happy to know that SS will credit the money. Annual renewal for my current site happened a few weeks ago.
  4. Site URL: http://www.vikasdutt.com Hi, My website is currently on Flatiron template and I have 2 issues with my current site. The mobile link for navigation appears as "Menu" and I am looking for the three horizontal bars style. I am looking for multiple level of navigation. I am not finding good enough options within this template for same. Most of my needs are getting fulfilled by Bergen. However, I am unable to find this template within my existing website to make the switch. I am assuming it is because of 7.0 vs 7.1? My website has been around for many years and I have put in quite a bit of effort around SEO etc. Is there a way to switch templates? or address the 2 issues mentioned above? Any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Deepti
  5. What options do you choose to create (1) the landing page for multiple blogs, (2) summary block for each blog and (3) blog with comments enabled?
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