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  1. @tuanphan is there anyway you can help me add a sidebar navigation to a site I'm working on too? I've been trying to figure it out for hours, thanks!
  2. Using a Brine 7.0 template, I have a block of text that renders perfectly on mobile (see screenshot). I used css padding to left-align the text with the image underneath. However, when I increase the text size on my phone, the alignment gets thrown off. Is there any way to fix or prevent specific text from resizing when a user adjusts the text size on their phone? Also, is there a way to move a word down to the next line with css?
  3. I tried this & it worked until I refreshed, for some reason header code injection just doesn't work for me!
  4. Thanks for all your help & responded to my questions!
  5. This worked after a little tinkering! Thanks!!
  6. I need help removing my logo from every page on my site, EXCEPT for my homepage on desktop and tablet! Every code snipept I've tried removes the nav or the logo from the homepage too. I want to keep my nav and just remove the logo.
  7. I'm working on a 7.0 Brine website and I need to adjust the top, bottom, left, and right padding on certain index pages. I have tried every code snippet I can find and nothing's working! Does anyone know how to adjust the padding of individual index pages? Any help would be wonderful!
  8. I'm working on a 7.0 Brine website & I added this CSS to remove all hypens: p, h1, h2, h3 { webkit-hyphens: none !important; moz-hyphens: none !important; ms-hyphens: none !important; hyphens: none !important; } The hyphens are gone when I preview the site in Squarespace, but on mobile in Chrome & Safari, the hypens are still rendering and I'm not sure why, I've tried everything even setting a max-screen width of 640px to remove them, but they still show up. Any help would be appreciated!
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