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  1. I'm looking through my files and my images are all pretty massive - I'm optimizing them all for web now. I just updated the homepage and the first project with images all under 500kb (some of them were over 7MB...) Hoping that solves it. Would you mind checking one more time?
  2. I'm using markdown components for most of my text elements, but nothing crazy - just some color overrides for certain characters.
  3. Are you in Safari? I just checked and apparently NONE of the images are showing up across my entire site. I've been testing in Chrome and it all works fine. **Update: I cleared my cache in Safari and it all loaded fine. Should I be concerned about other potential Safari users not being able to view my site properly?
  4. It worked!!! thank you so much - this has been driving me insane. It's possible the backgrounds weren't set up when you looked, I've been testing different code options for the last hour or so - it's all up now.
  5. Site URL: https://rachelswafford.com/ I've seen a few posts about this, but never the solution to my current issue - hoping someone can help. I'm using Hawley, and I've selected the Hover:Background variant for my homepage. My site is white with black text by default, and when I hover over the different projects, I want the text to ALL be white. I can get the text to be black while on white OR white while over the image, but never at the same time. I've tried every variation of this code snippet I could think of: [data-active="false"] span.portfolio-hover-item-content {
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