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  1. Sorry I think I misunderstood you. The Header layout i am using in my website is the last option when selecting different styles of the header layout. How can I move the instagram Icon to the right side ?
  2. I tried the all 5 layouts. It is doing the job but I just want to use only the 5th header layout to move the instagram Icon
  3. Site URL: https://ferret-clownfish-6xe6.squarespace.com/config/ In my Squarespace website, how do I move the instagram Icon from the left side to the right side in the header. If this requires coding, could you please paste the code into the chat ?
  4. Sorry wrong link here is my new website link https://ferret-clownfish-6xe6.squarespace.com/config/
  5. Here is the link to my website - https://gecko-flower-jfts.squarespace.com/config/
  6. Is there a code that I can move the Instagram Icon from the left side to the right side in the header ?
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