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  1. These are the only Sections I see Derrick. The offending page is not in two of the three you mention (not exact names as your comment). and I don't see where deleted files resides.
  2. Site URL: http://TaystTheNotes.com Hello, When I use LinkSniff to scan my web site, it reports a page that I had removed (and I thought disabled) and I can't find it now. I've looked at the "NOT LINKED" section of my page but do not see the unlinked page. Is there another place I should be looking? The reported broken link URL is: https://taystthenotes.com/miggi-demeyer which certainly once was a valid page. Many thanks
  3. Site URL: http://TaystTheNotes.com Hello, I notice my sites certificate will expire next month. Is Squarespace taking care of its renewal? Thank you Jeff
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