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  1. Has anyone found a solution here? We are have a very difficult time matching transactions between GA and Squarespace. It's very frustrating for us to gauge performance of our PPC campaigns when the totals are different on each platform.
  2. A simple solution for needing customized shipping dates after a subscription product, all you need to do is add those details into the product description, and then again in the purchase email notificaion. Let customer know when you will be starting their subscription at the later date. Once that dat comes around, then you would manually fufill that order start their subscription at that date. I would definately test out your subscription with an actual purchase (set the product price to $1 and the the renewal dates to weeks instead of months). A dry run of your subscription process, what you the merchant sees and your customer sees, is recommended). THe biggest let down is Squarespace support wont help you if you have added custom code to the page you are have issues on. This is why I will be recommending all of my squaresapce ecommerce clients to move to Shopify to prevent any future let downs that Squarespace cannot support on including: - No tax exemption on specific products (you must apply tax to all products in your store) - Only showing up to 100 products on a page for websites built with 7.0 (even though they advertise 10,000+ product display availability, a feature only available with a 7.1 website). - Not possible to add free shiping to specific product (the only workaround for this is to offer free shiping based on weight total, and then adding tht weight total to the products you want to have frees shipping).
  3. Possible answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8296054/subdomains-not-working-when-www-is-added
  4. Same problem here on multiple computers using Safari. Logo disappears and suddenly appears sometimes. I contacted Squarespace support on two separate occasions - they said that you should create a pop up that says “We’re sorry, but Squarespace has an issue with Safari, they want you to download chrome or firefox before visiting our website. Sorry for the inconvenience”. ACTUAL SOLUTION: Change your logo to a JPG. Safari has problems because it forces you into upgrading your IOS which is in the only way to update your Safari.
  5. Another developer posted a plugin: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/11671-how-can-i-add-an-age-verification-popup/
  6. Hi! I see what you're trying to do, but also keep in mind the processing of getting someone to buy something online must be easy, and not confusing. Any barrier to the purchase will affect your chases of that easy online click-to-purchase sale. Your shopping cart is showing Wine bottles, but you sell them in cases. Your goal as the online retailer is to make sure the shopper knows this. Right now when I read your bottle description it is a bit confusing. You show the per bottle price, then you say it's for a case, which then you remind them that a total amount for a case is due at pickup, and then you list out another price (the price of the bottle with tax). The shopper doesn't want their mind to swing back and fourth to make calculations and to figure out what they'll end up with. Make it easier for them. I would recommend listing each SKU item in your inventory as a case with the price as the case price (as opposed to the bottle price, with the option to select the number of cases - Squarespace isn't setup to take individual items and package them into one group item) I would also recommend writing your product description in regards to a case. For example, lets take this delicisou Syrah. Your product description reads as such: SYRAH DI MACELLAROTTO 2017 - CASE ALTE Case of 4 bottles, 750 ml. * Please remember that $190.00 (per case) will be due at the time of pick-up at the SAQ. Final Price: $52.99 per bottle (plus tax) I would write this as the following: SYRAH DI MACELLAROTTO 2017 - CASE ALTE Syrah di Macellarotto from the small Sicilian family winery Case Alte, a winery that is deeply passionate about producing and continuously improving their quality wines from their excellent location in the hills near Palermo. This organic red wine is made from Syrah grapes; it is a full-bodied wine, with fruity notes, fine tannins and good freshness as well as persistence. [ Make sure to include a description that Google can crawl, and help your SEO ] We sell this wine in a case of four 750 ml bottles. * Please remember that $XXX.XX [Change this to the final price plus tax] will be due at the time of pick-up at the SAQ. * Final Price per bottle is $XX.XX [ Change this to the case price with tax divided by 4 ] ___________ For your shopping selector of how many cases, do a drop down instead of the button click. That way the customer can see all of the options at the same time (this is a best practice for eCommerce design). Hope that helps. Bonne chance avec votre site!
  7. Hi, From my research you can't age verify pop-up individual products before purchase. Only the entire website. Although, in theory, you should be able to create a page pop up that asks "Are you of legal Drinking Age", everytime someone clicks to view a product's page. Also, you can add a text warning next to the purchase button of the age restricted products. Don't forget to create your client's Terms & Conditions , especially with legal issues covered from your State or Province - this would protect them from liability of someone lying about their age to purchase an age restricted item from their website.
  8. Site URL: http://www.lesommelier.com Hello! This is my first time posting to this forum! If any of you have the time to check out my latest webdev, and give me some feedback, I would be forever greatful. www.lesommelier.com Some key points: - Went through some sticky situations trying to find ways to provide free shipping on cart total (used the free shipping by weight instead, and just added all product prices to their weights). - Alcohol is not support by Shopify's payment processing, so had to go with PayPal. If anyone reading this knows of other options for Canadian Alcohol retails, please let me know! Thanks!
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