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  1. Site URL: https://www.studiorhodes.net @tuanphanI no longer see the option to increase padding between images in your instagram block in squarespace 7.1. Is there a code to target this?
  2. @tuanphan studiorhodes.net password: services The markdown is currently on 2 pages but wilI continue on all project pages when I add more 🙂 Studiorhodes.net/columbine & studiorhodes.net/upway
  3. @tuanphan What if you want to do the same thing but are not using H2 in your markdown. For example this is my markdown block and when it turns to mobile, the text gets broken on multiple lines instead of showing as COLUMBINE RESIDENCE Is there a way to target that specific span style? </div> <div style="text-align:center; margin-top:-3.5%"> <span style="color:white; font-family:cormorant; font-size:4em; font-weight: 800; letter-spacing: 1rem"> COLUMBINE RESIDENCE </span> </div>
  4. @tuanphan on the contact page. There are 2 columns for the first and last name which happens automatically but I would like to have the email & address sections continue in the 2 column format
  5. @tuanphan any solution for this? I would like 2 columns for my form. studiorhodes.net password: services
  6. @tuanphan Hello I would also like the padding in my footer to be much smaller. Can you please provide me with the block ID? Link: studiorhodes.net Password: services
  7. @tuanphan & @inside_the_square Is there a way to add animation to the menu? If I want it to slide out from the left side of the screen once I click the 3 lines?
  8. Site URL: https://www.studiorhodes.net/services Hello, For some reason the page margins seem to get narrower the farther down I scroll on my page. However, when I am in the edit mode, this is not the case. Only have I press save and view the page at a whole does this happen. Any ideas why? Website URL: studiorhodes.net/services Password: services
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