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  1. Site URL: http://www.glossi.io Hi all, Can someone tell me how to resize the font on a markdown menu for mobile? The specific section I am trying to resize are the questions in "Frequently Asked Questions." (photo attached) Thanks Jonathan
  2. Here you go. It's in the "Look great on every screen" section
  3. Site URL: http://www.glossi.io Hi all, Is there a way to keep my background video from cropping when I adjust the size of the browser window? The video is towards the bottom of my home page in a section called "Look great on every screen" Thanks Jonathan http://www.glossi.io pass: Hi5Speaker
  4. Site URL: http://www.glossi.io Hi all, I have a background video in one of my sections and the fallback image displays for a moment when the video hits the loop point. Is there a way to fix that or disable the fallback image on desktop? Thanks Jonathan site: http://www.glossi.io pass: Hi5Speaker
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