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  1. Hi @rwp, The site address is: https://dachshund-bat-4d24.squarespace.com/
  2. Site URL: https://www.joshuakissi.com/ Hi Everyone, Firstly can I say I haven't got any experienced with coding but I want to give this a try to liven up my website. I would like to create a header where the logo is white but when I scroll down it changes to black. At the same time the header is currently transparent but when I scroll down it changes to have a black background. I would like it to stay transparent when I scroll to give the effect like the page elements are moving under the header. Please see website link with the kind of effect I would like to create: https://www.joshuakissi.com/ I have also noticed that some of my other pages have a white background so the white logo isn't visible. Would it be possible to use a piece of code to tell the site to use the black logo on these pages? The website I use as an example does something similar also for some of the other pages see link below: https://www.joshuakissi.com/tonl If you need to see screenshots of how my site currently looks or the link please let me know and I can send these across. Thanks in advance for your help!
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