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  1. Hi @tuanphan, one more question, can I easily hide the top left button that returns a user to home? See below:
  2. Hi @tuanphan! I am using SquareSpace v7.1, and I have a business account. I am trying to hide the navigation menu in mobile and remove the footer. I'd like to do so because I'm using the "webview" option in an AppBuilder (so there is already another menu). I've created separate duplicate pages within my site so I can keep the menu for mobile browsers, and then repoint the mobile app at the second pages. However, when I put the provided CSS above into Page Settings > Advanced > Header, nothing happens. I'm curious if this has to be something different in v7.1? Here's my site: www.creatingforjustice.org Here's the site I am trying to remove it from: www.creatingforjustice.org/mobile-home Here's the CSS I tried to inject in Page Settings: <style> /* Hide burger */ button.Mobile-bar-menu { visibility: hidden; } /* Hide mobile header */ .Mobile-bar.Mobile-bar--top { display: none; } /* hide footer */ footer.Footer { display: none !important; } </style>
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