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  1. Site URL: http://www.jeevun.com Hey all, Would love to get some feedback AND help on my new site... www.jeevun.com - load time am planning to add one unique photo to each blog post so not sure what the optimal photo size should be in the long run for a responsive theme. - aesthetics using a tiled format for a blog. is it too distracting? there is a reason for each tile in my mind but does it make sense to you? - templates how does one copy the ribbon and gallery template to add more line items. - counters i have been playin
  2. UPDATE: Was able to each a Squarespace team member who worked not the backend and released whatever was holding up my domain assignments. Most helpful! Wish it was more transparent to the end user but long as we get it fixed guess that's ok.
  3. I think I have a similar issue. I had a practice site that expired. But the domain I want to use now seems to be stuck to it. I can't point it to a new site on squarespace on my paid plan. And I don't remember which log in I used to create that practice site. Seems I can't access a domain I own for a site I am paying for. Help?
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