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  1. Hi, I was working on the Nevin template, and created a "portfolio" page. I made adjustments to the page (e.g. adding text, lists, etc) and got to where I made the page look how I want except I don't need the original portfolio section anymore. I removed the objects within that section, but there is still a sizable white space as a placeholder and I can't figure out how to eliminate that portion of the page altogether. I can remove other elements like gaps, lists, text, etc - just not that one. How do I eliminate this? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I was trying to figure out how subscriptions work vis-a-vis the number of domains I can set up and whether I have to pay the subscription for each domain name I use. Presently I have one custom domain name registered via Squarespace where I've been testing the demo web site design tools. I realize that I will not use this Squarespace-hosted custom domain name for the final web site. I have since purchased additional custom domains names from another company that I will eventually transfer to Squarespace with the final goal having all these domain names point to the same single si
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