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  1. @Badge20 unfortunately no, I ended up making my icon + text into a png image instead as an alternative solution
  2. Thanks tuanphan for the solution! When i preview it on squarespace preview (desktop and mobile version), it works nicely. However when I tried viewing on the actual domain on the phone, it didn't work for my case (i think because CSS doesn't work on cover page). Nonetheless thanks for your help, I think I will try to create a new page instead of using a cover page!
  3. Site URL: https://www.autocars.ltd/landing-page-mini-2 Hi, i'm creating a cover page and i think it looks good on desktop. however the mobile version has a slight issue because the words are unreadable due to the background image (IMAGERY?) This is how it looks like now: Desktop: Mobile: I would like to know if there is any way to code and make the opacity of the overlay on the mobile version higher, so that I can read the words more clearly? something like this: Currently im adjusting the overlay colour on top of my background image to play with the opacity level of the backg
  4. Hi Tuanphan, thanks for the code, it works! My icons and text are now on the same line, however they are not aligned currently. This is how it looks like now on mobile version. Is there any way i can do to make the icons align centrally and the text all align to the left? So it will look something like this:
  5. I have this portion of the page that looks amazing on desktop, but once i view the mobile version, it's messed up. desktop version: mobile version: i use code block for the icons (icons from Font Awesome) while and text for the text. an example of my font code is : <i class="fas fa-street-view fa-4x"></i> im trying to change and make my icon and text inline, so that for mobile version an icon + text will be on 1 line. i am new to coding and thus i try: <i class="fas fa-street-view fa-4x"></i><h3>18years old and above</h3> but the icon
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