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  1. Hi @CharlieBrown! If Squarespace password-protect pages won't do the trick, you could try Memberstack to add sign-up/logins to your website in one line of code. I'm helping build the tool, so always open to feedback if you do decide to give it a try.
  2. Hi Marie 👋 The good folks over at https://www.pxlvue.com/ built a beautiful client portal with Memberstack. I'm happy to show you how if you're still looking for a solution. You can reach me here → team@memberstack.io or DM me in the forum.
  3. Hey @Dragil! 👋 I'd usually recommend the Squarespace password-protected pages for secure content, but since your requirements are a bit specific, you could use the Squarespace blogging tool for free posts along with a third-party tool like Memberstack for user logins, members-only posts, to hide advertisements from members, and domain-restricted signups (such as @harvard-university.com). 😄 Hope that helps!
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