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  1. @ Tuanphan thank you! I have attached a screenshot does this look okay. The script on line 34 AND 35 doesn't look incorrect does it? Let me know! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! I couldn't find anyone who could help me but you! Bless you!
  2. When pasting active campaign code into the code injection where exactly should I be pasting it. I'm told in the footer but where exactly in the footer. ActiveCampaign says: " For Site Tracking to work, you need to paste the tracking code that we provide into each page of your website. In general, we recommend placing the code in the footer as this is the easiest way of having site tracking work on all pages. However, you will need to review the documentation provided by your Content Management System (CMS) to make sure the placement of the code is correct. In addition, they may provide a
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