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  1. I'm also looking for a better answer to this. I'm building a website for my mom to sell her jewelry, and for her necklaces, the chains are an add-on that you can buy along with her pendants. What I ended up doing was creating a separate, unlisted product for each chain and linked to it from the appropriate pendant page (saying "this listing is for the pendant only - if you'd also like the chain, click here" and having that take you to a listing for the chain only, but pictured with the pendant again as the chains are curated to each pendant). It's not ideal but it's better than accidentally se
  2. Site URL: http://susanmulvey.com I'm making a website of my mother's jewelry, and she has some handmade gold necklaces (with price tags over $1000) that have their pendants and chains sold separately. Since she makes mostly one-of-a-kind items, I don't like having to list the pendant as $1200 alone or $1850 with the chain as then my cart thinks I have two in inventory. I would like to list the pendant as $1200 and the chain as $650 without having the store page show a photo of the pendant and say "from $650" as that's just the chain. Not showing the price on the store page for just thos
  3. Just belatedly seeing this post - could it be of any help to only allow in-store pickup to local buyers? You can determine in each shipping method who it's offered to, so you could only offer that one to folks in your state, or to certain zip codes in your state, and then it would at least stop offering local pickup to anyone far away. It won't help with offering the free options first for your local buyers who want you to ship it (I'm still waiting for that fix too), but it's a start.
  4. Perhaps a form would work for you? If the colors aren't inventoried, you can have the rings sold by size only with a form that pops up when someone adds one to their cart, asking which color they'd like. Forms are perfect for variants that don't cost anything and aren't inventoried on their own. You can set the form up using the "form" tab on the product page, and then once it's set up just select it from the same tab of any other products it may apply to.
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