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  1. Hi @tuanphan Yes that's actually what I meant, sorry I didn't explain that properly! I'd like to be able to direct to a different image for mobile. Cheers, J
  2. Hi @JWV Sorry for the delayed reply. We used RMS Cloud. Hope that helps!
  3. Site URL: https://wisteria-emu-22zw.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'd like to know if someone can help me change the size of the background images on my site. Both on the home page, and on the content pages https://wisteria-emu-22zw.squarespace.com https://wisteria-emu-22zw.squarespace.com/about-us PW: PowderCoating6085 Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Hi @tuanphan Thanks for your help above. The client would now like this added text to have a heading, followed by some body copy. Can you help in styling this? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Jess
  5. We ended up using a third-party and completely taking the booking system off-site in this case. So there's a 'book now' button which leads to the third party booking system. This allowed the client to continue with the current booking system too. Not perfect, but the best outcome for this situation.
  6. Amazing thanks TuanPhan. I changed it to .view-list div#productList:before { But that worked great! Thanks so much!
  7. Hi there, I have added text to the top of my products page with the following code from a previous post on here from @tuanphan. It's working fine, but it's also showing on each individual product page when you click through. Is there a way to have it only on the product listing page, and not on the individual product pages? Thanks in advance! Jess @tuanphan div#categoryNav:before { content: "Tuan Phan"; display: block; text-align: center; font-family: monospace; color: white; margin-bottom: 20px; }
  8. Hi, sorry I just saw these replies. @tuanphan – I didn't contact Dmitry, but thanks that's a great idea. Will do in future. @Olivia_Scholes I didn't find a fix to that exact issue – as my client changed their mind and went in a different direction altogether. Sorry I can't be of help there!
  9. Hi there, I'm researching booking systems – my client has a hotel that requires a booking system, plus other booking for other areas such as golf, restaurant, tennis etc. Obviously this needs to be linked to a payment system as well. Has anyone used a Squarespace-compatible booking system that could cover all of these areas? Just trying to work out if Squarespace will be an option for them! Thanks in advance!
  10. FYI the code has been added to the first product on the shop page.
  11. Thanks so much – I'm currently just playing with the functionality on a test site, before I add it to a client's site. You can see the test site here: ukulele-clover-lg5l.squarespace.com PW: Babboon6021
  12. Hi there, I have implemented an upsell plug in – code below. Unfortunately it means that it bypasses the form that pops up when the user clicks 'add to cart'. Anyway to stop it bypassing the form? (As the form is crucial in this case!) Thanks in advance, Jess Code: <!-- Redirect to Upsell Page after clicking on Add To Cart Button --> <!-- Author: Dmitry Kiselyov @_dmitrykiselyov --> <script> // /upsell-page is the default URL. You can change it. var upsellPageUrl = "/upsell-page" //////////////////////////////// function redirectToUpsellPageHandler(wrapper){var addToCartButton=wrapper.querySelector(".sqs-add-to-cart-button"),productVariants=wrapper.querySelector(".product-variants");function isVariantInStock(){return productVariants.getAttribute("data-variant-in-stock")}function onClick(){(productVariants&&isVariantInStock()||!productVariants)&&setTimeout((function(){document.location.href=upsellPageUrl}),1200)}addToCartButton&&addToCartButton.addEventListener("click",onClick)}function redirectToUpsellPage(){var productPage=document.querySelector(".collection-type-products.view-item"),productBlocks;productPage&&redirectToUpsellPageHandler(productPage),[].slice.call(document.querySelectorAll(".sqs-block-product")).forEach(redirectToUpsellPageHandler)}document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",redirectToUpsellPage),window.addEventListener("mercury:load",redirectToUpsellPage);</script> <!-- end Redirect to Upsell Page after clicking on Add To Cart Button -->
  13. FYI – the client is a florist, so they require a certain amount of time between purchase and delivery, in order to obtain the flowers etc.
  14. Thanks Paul – that's great. Do you also know if it's possible to add a leadtime to a product? ie: make the product not able to be purchased if it's within 1 week of the required date? Cheers, Jess
  15. Hi there, I have a client whose shop requires the user to be able to select an add-on to a product. As in, if they put one of the main products into their cart, then we want the user to have the option for an add-on product. However this add-on product is not available to purchase individually. What is the best way of doing this in Squarespace? Thanks in advance, Jess
  16. Hi there, I have a client who would like me to add a store to their existing website. Just wondering what the best workflow for this would be. • Turning the site to private for the period of the build and using an under-construction type of page in the interim. • Duplicating the site, doing the work on the duplicated site, then replacing the original site with the duplicated one by changing the domain over to the new version of the site. Assuming this will affect their SEO etc? I'm thinking that turning the site to private for a period will be the simplest way? Is there a best practice workflow for this type of situation? Thanks in advance, Jess
  17. Site URL: https://tarantula-lobster-atz4.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I have a Canadian client who wants to know if they can receive their Squarespace yearly bill/invoice in Canadian dollars? (For accounting purposes.) Is that possible? (It's currently in Australian Dollars as that's where I'm located.) Thanks in advance, Jess
  18. Thanks, yeah I did. Thanks though!
  19. Perfect! Thanks so much – you're a star 😊
  20. Site URL: https://seal-platinum-z2yb.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'd like to reduce the padding at the top and bottom of the footer on this site: https://seal-platinum-z2yb.squarespace.com/ PW: FiveKnights7992 Can anyone advise on this? Thanks in advance!
  21. Site URL: https://tarantula-lobster-atz4.squarespace.com/ Hey everyone, Is there a workaround for adding hover text over grid gallery images? This is the page I’d like to add it to. I’ve been looking everywhere but no success yet. https://tarantula-lobster-atz4.squarespace.com/project-portfolio the password is TestingSiteBackCountry7992 Thanks in advance!
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