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  1. Site URL: https://www.elephantom.design Hi everyone, I have a button embedded on the last image of www.elephantom.design/gallery. It links to an anchor on my home page, which is an index page with 3 sections. The link is to the 3rd section of the home page, called subscribe-to-the-newsletter. It seems I have tried every combination of page slugs and # signs with always the same end result: it sends me to the home page but does not scroll down to the 3rd section. I also tried putting a new <div id> or <span id> code right with a new unique id before the 3rd section and used that id in the anchor link: it did not change the behavior. Helpful info: Home page slug: /welcome 3rd section page slug: /subscribe-to-the-newsletter I'm on macOS with Safari. Also tried on Chrome, no change. Thanks for any helpful tips!
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