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  1. Site URL: http://www.jennydeluxe.com I'm looking to change a few of the buttons on my page when hovered over. For example, this button (image below) looks like this before hovered over. Upon hovering, the background color changes so it looks like this. But how do I get the text "work" to disappear and in turn be replaced with "Coming soon"?
  2. Site URL: https://jennydeluxe.com I'm looking to decrease the spacing between the navigation links and their respective underlining.
  3. Site URL: http://www.jennydeluxe.com Hi all! I'd like to change the golden circle on this page when hovered over to another image and then back to the original image once the mouse is no longer hovering. I know its possible to inject code onto the page itself, but I'd rather target the image block I already have in place. Should I call the image block wrapper or image class? I've seen many references but am confused as to what the simplest solution is for my particular site! Thank you!
  4. I think to achieve the ideal design, I'd prefer it to go above the logo! that way its inline with the first word "Jenna" in the logo!
  5. Thank you for the help! It seems to work when the percentage us under 30%, I currently have it at 28%. But ideally, I would want the site title to stay the same px size.
  6. Of course! The below screenshot is what the page currently looks like. I'm attempting to move decrease the margins on both the right and left sides so that the navigation bar sits at the top right side of the page next to the scaled site title. I was thinking of re-arranging the CSS so the navigation bar comes before the site title? Not sure how to achieve this best!
  7. Hi Paul2009, I was looking to achieve a line break in my site title, but I know the above work would have to be customized to my specific template. How would I got about achieving this? thank you very much!
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