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  1. Site URL: https://www.costerquentinphotography.be Hello, I have my website set up in English and until now, all my emails where sent in English to my customers. But yesterday, one customer told me he received an order confirmation in French. He sent me a screenshot. How is it possible ? I never wrote theses emails in French and they are still in English in the settings... Does it have something to do with the new email editor ? Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks. I did it manually for each product !!! But I still would be interested for my future changes. Here is my product page https://www.costerquentinphotography.be/prints
  3. I'm interested too. Is it possible ?
  4. Can someone help ? I tried various things (disable other code snippets, etc...) but I can't get it work ! I don't understand :S Thanks in advance.
  5. Any idea ? I tried many things but I can't get it work...:S The html is not read...
  6. Script updated. Still no luck :S Strange... Maybe I'm missing sthg ? Strange....
  7. Thanks. I did the injection but the html still appears as plain text. The script is in the header (see image attached) but no button showing. After that, I added the h1 tag to the link : <h1><a href="https://www.costerquentinphotography.be/prints/burning-sunset-in-the-mountains" target="_blank">Buy Now</a></h1> but no luck either...
  8. Great ! Here is the page : https://www.costerquentinphotography.be/mountains First image. Pass : 12345 I prefer having the "buy now" in the description rather than in the title. Thanks in advance !
  9. Thanks. I tried that already but the html is not used by Squarespace and appears in plain text in the caption or title :S Something is missing :S
  10. Can someone help me with the custom JavaScript ? Thanks
  11. Sorry for the very late answer but I was on holidays and didn't check the forum. The link is : www.costerquentinphotography.be and the password is 12345 (the website isn't finished yet) Thanks for your help. That would be a great option if possible.
  12. Thanks for the tip ! It almost worked. In my case, it was .collection-type-products.view-item div#page-body-header{ display: none; } Actually it was not really the header but the top part of the page. Thank you !
  13. Hello, https://www.costerquentinphotography.be/prints On this page I d'like to keep the header with the infos. https://www.costerquentinphotography.be/prints/arte-freshfield-de-la-tour-ronde On a product page like this I d'like to remove the header PASS : 12345 Or maybe there is another way to add infos above the commerce page only but not in the header ? Thanks for the help ! Quentin
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