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  1. What part of the CSS connects to a specific text block?
  2. Is there a way to have the text on a poster image change when I hover over it?
  3. Is there a way that I can make a form where you click a checkbox and more checkboxes appear that relate the the main one? For example you click a box that says cupcakes, and more boxes appear below that say vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, etc.
  4. How can I make text change color when I hover over it? (not the navigation headings)
  5. Yes! I was thinking that. Thank you very much!
  6. I am trying to set up a restaurant menu where you can click on the menu item and a lightbox image of the item pops up. Is there any way that I can do this without injecting any code into the page settings (premium feature which I don't have access to)?
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