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  1. This code (along with some adjustment of Minimum Height for the banner) solved the problem. .Header-inner div[data-nc-container="top-left"] { position: relative; top: -30px; } .Header-branding-logo { margin-bottom: -150px; position: relative; z-index: 5000; } I fixed the social icon problem by stripping the coding out, saving it, and then dumping it back in. Hope that will take care of it. m
  2. Currently working around the problem by frankensteining in a different bit of code I found, so it looks like this: .Header-inner div[data-nc-container="top-left"] { position: relative; top: -30px; } .Header-branding-logo { margin-bottom: -150px; position: relative; z-index: 5000; } The problem with the logos of the social icons remains.
  3. Hi there. Yeah, it's in development. Password: SSStagPassword https://oleander-pomegranate-ka8f.squarespace.com/?p&p Does that do the trick? Michael
  4. One clue: if I change the code from -100px to -30px, the links suddenly work, but then the logo is floating out of position. .Header-inner div[data-nc-container="bottom-left"] { position: relative; top: -30px; }
  5. Hi there. I'm trying to find a bulletproof way to have the logo in the site header overlap into the banner section in SS 7.0. I'm not a coder by trade, so I rely on various tutorials I can find to solve design problems. I'm currently using this bit of code to move the logo into the correct place: .Header-inner div[data-nc-container="bottom-left"] { position: relative; top: -100px; } The logo is positioned Bottom Left, while the main nav is placed Upper Right in order to keep it in the whiteground bar. It works perfectly until I add in two social links I need next to the nav in
  6. For the record, Tuan Phan's solution to this was simple and worked perfectly. Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS body:not(.homepage) header.Header.Header--bottom { background: #201813; position: relative !important; } body:not(.homepage) header.Header.Header--bottom>div { padding-bottom: 13px; }
  7. Hi everybody. I'm working on a site with a dark homepage banner image that allows for the logo/nav/social to "float" in the header on top of it, and I can achieve this effect easily enough by setting the Header: Layout settings to "bottom". For the interior pages, however, the banner images are not able to accommodate the logo/nav/social so I would like to have that content contained in a visible header bar, with the banner image beneath. I've looked through the forums here and found things that are similar to what I'm looking for, but not quite. I tried to execute something from a foru
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