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  1. Site URL: https://oleander-pomegranate-ka8f.squarespace.com Hello there. I'm trying to use a more horizontal version of a logo for the mobile site header than what is used for desktop on this site: https://oleander-pomegranate-ka8f.squarespace.com password: temporaryrebel I found this code online and it works great... in Safari and Chrome, but not in Firefox. .Mobile-bar-branding-logo { content: url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f91e45ce9c9a7197e80ca05/t/5fd3bfffddb92d04d71dafa2/1607712767117/blackStag_mobile_logo2.jpg") !important; max-height: 53px; m
  2. Okay, I give up. I've spent almost two hours trying to use and tweak various codes in this thread, but no luck. I'm in 7.0. I want to do the same thing as the others — force my gallery so it doesn't get small and cropped on mobile. I'm using my gallery as a testimonial section though, so the background image is just white and the text is what's important. The headline is visible on mobile but I need to have it so the copy doesn't crop off. (Images below are two separate headlines of the rotating testimonials.) https://oleander-pomegranate-ka8f.squarespace.com Password: temporaryrebel
  3. Good to know. I was able to adjust the color so I figured I could also adjust the stroke width. Thanks for your help on the gallery glitch, and I'm sorry we couldn't find a satisfying solution. Good to know there's nothing that can be done about it, tho. Cheers! M
  4. UPDATED UPDATE: I stripped out all the code and took the problem to SS Live Chat Help. Turns out that the problem is on SS's side of things, it's a bug they're trying to fix. The temporary solution they offered was having me use a Summary Block carousel, but I think that will potentially conflict with the Summary Block carousel I was using for testimonials. Just in case, is there a way to apply L/R arrow styling of the existing Gallery Block Carousel to a Summary Block Carousel? That way, I could potentially switch it over and get a plug-in for the Testimonial section I'll need. Th
  5. I stripped the code out and still had the same problem with the carousel. Maybe it's an image thing? I'm going to test that next. [Update: no luck]
  6. I'm trying to alter the recent bit of code you provided for the gallery arrow size, and I managed to resize them and change the color, but I'm struggling to get the width to change. I tried things like: width: var( 5px ); --and-- width: var( 150% ); --and-- width: 5px; --and-- width: 150%; but none of it seemed to change the stroke. What am I doing wrong? I'm going to try and strip the site down and troubleshoot tomorrow.
  7. To your question about the gallery controls, I thought the larger sized arrows seems to have alleviated the problem but I'm trying again and finding that it's not really working until the third click.
  8. I'm realizing now that I did add a featherlight popup script I've used on a previous site. It's on the in-progress RECIPES page. I've used this code previously without apparent incident. Here's the code from the RECIPES page header injection: <link href="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/featherlight@1.7.14/release/featherlight.min.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /> <script src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script> <script src="//cdn.rawgit.com/noelboss/featherlight/1.4.0/release/featherlight.min.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script> He
  9. No Javascript. I've added little bits of stuff, some stuff I don't understand honestly, but definitely not added any Javascript in some obscure place. I'll try the code above and see where that gets me.
  10. Yes, I still need help if you have a couple of minutes. And yes, I had to change the password. Apologies. Password: temporaryrebel Tuanphan has pointed out that the carousel looks fine in their browser. For me, it's broken in Firefox but does seem to look fine in Safari. I have absolutely no idea what could be creating that problem or how to solve it. The second issue is that even when it works visually, I've noticed that it takes a few clicks to get the carousel moving in both browsers. Is this a common thing, or a result of the code we added moving the arrows to the sides of the caro
  11. Hi again. So, the code creedon supplied above really did the trick for moving the arrows off of the images at the right and left of the carousel. I'd like to figure out how make the bolder, but they basically work. However... I'm hoping to have the specific drink products in the carousel link through to their dedicated product pages, but as soon as I add in the click-thru URL in an Image Edit it causes havoc in the arrangement of the products in the carousel. Pleas see below. I've spent over a week trying to solve this little puzzle. I've searched the forum, I've tried taking out
  12. Aha! That worked very well. Currently, the blocks are the default state with the the thin arrows the over state. Gonna have to figure out how to integrate the two custom codes. I'll see if I can sort it out. Thanks! M
  13. https://oleander-pomegranate-ka8f.squarespace.com/?p password: temporarystag Does that do the trick? M
  14. Moving the arrows off of the images is more important to me than the thickness of the arrows. Thanks for jumping in here, by the way!
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