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  1. how did you get a lightbox to work?
  2. Hi! How do I add this code with my existing hover state on the homepage? I would like to have images enlarge on the child pages. I thought it would be an "on-click"? how can I add a code for a specific image?
  3. Yeah, I used a simple code that I found. I knew it was simple but couldn't remember how. a.project img { filter: grayscale(1); } a.project:hover img { filter: grayscale(0); }
  4. Site URL: http://www.pamelashardy.com Hi! I am not a front-end dev and would love your help! I want to have a hover state where the existing image changes to another image on hover. Example, black and white image to a colored image on hover. I am using the Avenue template. Any idea on how to achieve it? Please help! Password: notnow
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