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  1. Site URL: https://pamelahardy.design/connectedlearner Hi @tuanphan Maybe you can help me? I want to make the gallery larger on the mobile view. Is there a CSS that would help this? I also now have a lot of space on the top and bottom of my mobile view after messing around with some code on some threads. Can you help me with that too? https://pamelahardy.design/connectedlearner password: notready Thank you!
  2. Hi @tuanphan I tried the same code and nothing happened. Here is the page: https://pamelahardy.design/connectedlearner password: notready
  3. Hi Taun, Are you still on this thread? I was wondering if you knew how to have an image scoll with in a device like this: https://uxfol.io/project/04f0af4a/House2Home
  4. I figured it out: /* Remove underline from links */ a { border: none !important; } a:hover { color: #1976d2 !important; }
  5. I made it work using: /* Remove underline from links */ a { border: none !important; } a:hover { color: #1976d2 !important; }
  6. That works! What is the code to have the text have a color on hover?
  7. Does that make sense? I want the link to have no underline and a hover state with a color. I am using the Brine family
  8. Thank for release the underline, Nothin. about the block. The "Next Project", I'd like a color to show when on hover and on click
  9. site: www.pamelahardy.design pw: notready Boeing is the example.
  10. Site URL: https://pamelahardy.design/ What is the CSS to change a link to a color on hover and also how do I remove the underline? From underline to the hover over blue with no underline.
  11. Does anyone know how I can do basically the same thing in the Avenue template header? Also, have the greyed out part smaller. Is this possible? These are examples. I am trying to a combination of the two. Please send help!
  12. how did you get a lightbox to work?
  13. Hi! How do I add this code with my existing hover state on the homepage? I would like to have images enlarge on the child pages. I thought it would be an "on-click"? how can I add a code for a specific image?
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