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  1. https://www.briannakenney.com/character-design/ Here is my site! As you can see, the image in question is super small. I know you can click it there, but I want to increase the size for visual impact.
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm using squarespace as the host for my art portfolio. Is there any way to have an image appear in its full width/generally the same size in a gallery page? I'm trying to upload a very loooong image, and it shrinks it down considerably no matter what I do. I guess that would be okay if you could click the image and get a full size, but nay, it is not to be. First attached image below is my image I want to use put on a regular page. It fits within the confines of the border on the left and right--can that be expanded? Is there a way to at least have it be clickable and show it full size? Second image is the image in a gallery page. It's super small compared to everything else because of how wide it is. Any solutions? Since this is my portfolio, things need to be able to be seen quickly and easily by potential employers looking at many every day.
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