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  1. HI Jay! Beautiful site. Congratulations on the launch. I love that your site is straight forward and you let your amazing photography do the talking. A little feedback I've got regarding your site that also has to do with marketing yourself is I would consider implementing some information about the types of folks/brands/influencers/companies you work with, a little more about the projects you do and maybe what it's like working with you; your process. You could add this to your About me section. Now I know, I know, the About me is...About ME right? Yes, it definitely is! But this
  2. I'm in LOVE!!! This site is amazing! It POPS, it offers all info you need, it entices and it welcomes and invites. Not only is the mission and vision of this company ballin' I think this site does an amazing job of showcasing this brand's innovativeness. The gifs, and design make it really fun. I think it's really important to showcase the product info and details as you have done with +ingredients etc. on the product pages. Beautiful photos as well. The locations page and how that is laid out is reaaaaaallly user friendly and beautifully showcased. I really don't have critici
  3. Hello B! Going through your beautiful and easy to use site I have a little feedback for ya! I'm sure you're still in the process of making all links function but the SHOP button in the second block on the homepage brings us back to the home page rather than a shop page. I think these call to actions are great here but I'm wondering what your biggest goal here is? Is your biggest goal to get people emailing the store? Or shopping online? Or visiting in person? I would move your greatest objective to the top block on the homepage for example I would think shopping is more important th
  4. Hello Tim! Your site here is breathtaking. Beautiful imagery and videos display the type of work we can expect from you and really entice the user. I'm over here thinking well I know who to hire when I need ________. I really like how you highlight your creative team and make it a little more approachable for a potential client as you portray the importance of the team who make it happen and help the potential client feel connected to the hearts behind the biz. If I may offer - you could even expand a little more on the folks behind the productions to engage with and create a strong
  5. Hi Hvernon11! I am having this same run around and am not coming up with an ideal solution. Better than nothing is adding the video below the product in "additional information" in the product editor. I'm sure you're aware of this, but we want a beautiful video right in there with the product photos, right? Thank you for asking this question!
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