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  1. or just a code to get a image block full width - would also solve the problem
  2. and I need a code to fit the banner size on mobile
  3. Do you have code? does it only apply to this section header or for the whole site? I only need two fonts in the banner header of each site of the index.
  4. https://heptagon-strawberry-ydbl.squarespace.com PW: mawe I need the section banner to resize on mobile or resize the image block to full width
  5. https://heptagon-strawberry-ydbl.squarespace.com PW: mawe I set a new homepage: and I want one word in that banner in another font
  6. you can use this link https://heptagon-strawberry-ydbl.squarespace.com I deleted the other site, but its the same here in the different Banners of the Index.
  7. I want to change the font of one word in the banner section
  8. Site URL: https://heptagon-strawberry-ydbl.squarespace.com I managed to have 2 different fonts in one line using the code block. now I'm trying to do the same in the banner section. my code is not working in banner code section. Template: Hayden
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