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  1. Hi Kelly, Also experienced similar issues myself, there is no easy way of working with facebook or squarespace on these issues! I found this on the squarespace site, which may help with removing and adding facebook pixel: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015760107 "I don't have pixel code in Code Injection, but I still see an error message when I add my pixel ID If you're seeing a red error message in the Facebook Pixel panel, but your Code Injection panel looks correct, you may have Facebook Pixel code in Google Tag Manager. To fix this, remove the pixel code from Google Tag Manager and publish the changes in Google. After you save those changes, return to your Squarespace site and add your pixel ID." I set up google tag and added the code they give you, onto my Header CSS and it seemed to allow me to add the facebook pixel back onto my website?! I have no idea though, so could be completely giving you silly advice, but it worked for me.
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