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  1. Hi Derrick, I am not really sure about that. I have created my own static page. From this page i need to create further pages. I thought collection would be best but i am not creating collection list one by one i am getting it pulled from third party database. So little lost still.
  2. Thanks Carly, Yes, I did manage to create my own collection. That's good. But as my data is getting pulled from a external database, the collection didn't seem write thing for me.
  3. I am using Squarespace dev mode. I am getting the data from Firebase. So I am creating my own web pages to work with. I need a collection like EVENT. The page has 'event' list and clicking on the individual event, the link should take me to event landing page. like blog list and blog item. Can somebody please tell me how can I do that or am i allowed to create my own collection? I appreciate your help.
  4. So I need to make an AJAX call to firebase database?
  5. Hi, My question is about Sqaurespace website, Reactjs app deployed on Firebase how to connect it all. I have a sqauresace website + REACT based web app which takes event information from the user, the data is stored in Firebase and it is displayed . It's deployed on Firebase. It's like an event listing site. So this app has nodemailer, image-resize features. From SEO point of view my sqaurespace website and app are two independent entities. The event list which is the service is not adding benefit to the website. How can i solve this issue? I read that Squarespace doesn't support server side code and I need to do Setup endpoint/database to be accessible cross-domain via XMLHttpRequest (I need a little elaboration on how to execute it) Thanks for this post. But my REACT front end seems to be impossible to transport. Any suggestion please. Thank you
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