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  1. I swapped the "50%" to "35%" to make it a little closer, and it worked perfectly. @rwp I can't thank you enough for your help. It's much appreciated!
  2. This is looking great! My last question: can the BACK and NEXT text be a little closer together? Maybe 25px apart? See attached screenshot:
  3. Thanks @rwp! It looks like this code worked, just needs a little design finessing. Are any of the below options possible? Can "PREV" text say "BACK" instead? Can it be centered instead of left aligned? Can some padding be added above the "PREV NEXT" text?
  4. Site URL: http://www.chirp-design.com I am using the York Template for a portfolio site. When you click on an index thumbnail to open up a project page and scroll to the bottom, the index navigation is setup to read "NEXT" (which takes the user to the next project in the index). I love this feature, but would also like to include a "PREVIOUS" or "BACK" option as well so that users can navigate forward and backward through the index of projects. My site is not live yet, but here is a screenshot of the index navigation as it currently appears (just above the page footer). Does anyone
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