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  1. Hi @tuanphan! Thank you for following up. Unfortunately I have not yet solved this, as every fix seems to cause a new error. When I added the code above I was able to fix the column and footer issues, but still experienced the choppy/lag loading on mobile and then noticed this code update also displaced the footer navigations in the desktop version of my site, placing them higher and overlaid on top of the gallery images. Since it seemed to be doing more harm than good, I deleted the code and have left it alone for now. It appears from viewing @Frames_by_Saurabh's site on mobile and desktop that they were able to fix the issues I'm having without any major visible glitches on desktop or mobile, but I haven't figured it out yet.
  2. I was able to add the code below from another forum on this topic: }.gallery-masonry-wrapper { height: unset !important; } –which did fix the footer and navigation but then caused an issue with "repainting" creating a lag and jumpiness when scrolling, which I saw @Frames_by_Saurabh was also experiencing with their site (see link to other forum below). Has anyone found a fix for this? Thanks again.
  3. @Frames_by_Saurabh I just took a look at your mobile site and it looks like you were able to fix this, your galleries look great! Would you mind sharing how you were able to work around the error mentioned above? I'm still having the same issue where the code @tuanphan kindly provided misplaces my bottom navigations and footer (I don't see them anywhere) and also gets rid of the margin on either side of the images making them a true "full bleed". Thank you, any and all help is appreciated!
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