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  1. Site URL: https://www.blue-marble.co.uk/ Hi there, On www.blue-marble.co.uk (password bluemarble), I've forced the desktop nav into the mobile hamburger version. Is it possible for this to not click into a full screen white fill and instead for it to be a right aligned background (so just over 1/3 of the screen) fill with smaller text rather than click into a full screen fill? Thanks,
  2. Site URL: https://www.boscopizzeria.co.uk/ Hi There, On the home page, I'm working with a portrait image (the first image on the page) and I'd like to align the text to the top of the image rather than the centre - but only in that specific image block. Is there anyway to do this? Site - https://www.boscopizzeria.co.uk/ Thanks, Kyle
  3. Site URL: https://indigo-hexahedron-khcs.squarespace.com/shop Hi all, I'd like to be able to offer the ability for the customer to make savings if they buy multiple items. There is some cured meats and cheese's priced at £5 each, is it possible to have 3 for £12, which would also work 6 for £24 etc etc. https://indigo-hexahedron-khcs.squarespace.com/shop password boscotogo Thanks, Kyle
  4. Site URL: https://indigo-hexahedron-khcs.squarespace.com/shop I have food photography that has all been cropped consistently with the baking trays located in exactly the same position with the same whitespace to the left, right, top & bottom, however when the images are displayed on the shop grid sometimes they're cropped close, sometimes far. I've re-saved the files multiple times, ensuring all the source files are the exact same 1500sq original source. I can't see any rhyme or reason why they're being displayed so differently. It's so frustrating! On the screenshots you can see they display as they should in the thumbnails, and I've screenshot a photoshop file so you can see how I've ensured the tray placement is consistently the same across these five items. On another note, on the home page, the collaged images have a fade or opacity over the original images that I'd like to lose. Any ideas? And on a final note, the mobile version of the collaged images isn't great, is there anyway to change so the text block falls underneath the image rather than still trying to float on top? Site: https://indigo-hexahedron-khcs.squarespace.com/shop Password: boscotogo Thanks in advance for any help, Kyle
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