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  1. You can still use the code above and then add the following to your Custom CSS to hide on desktop. // Hide Social Links Header // .Header--top .SocialLinks-link {display: none !important}
  2. @tuanphan Is there a similar solution for the Flatiron template: https://www.museandcompany.com/#/crunchy-roll-headquarters/ Opening a gallery image into a new window (last image in this gallery). Target=blank does not work on these.
  3. @tuanphan Is there a similar solution for 7.0 Brine sites?
  4. I know this is old, but someone may run into this issue in the future. This bug can occur when you delete all blocks from the middle footer while using the column layout. If you switch to "stacked" you should be able to see the footer middle block, add some text, and then switch back to stacked.
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