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  1. Thank you so much for your help - here's the screenshot when I add the code generated by Facebook. When I hit the save button it displays nothing so I'm obviously still not doing it correctly! I'm sorry, I must seem like a complete dolt! Thank you again 🙂
  2. Hi Paul I can't see an option to select HMTL in the edit: additional info box, neither can I see a box to uncheck for Display Source. Sorry. Screenshot attached!
  3. Site URL: https://thepuritycompany.co.uk/shop/velvet-balm?category=Body Happy New Year everyone! I'm trying to add the Facebook comment to my products and I'm struggling a bit. I can add the Java SDK perfectly well to the Code Injection page but it's when it comes to the additional info part of a specific product that it all goes wrong! I've put the specific product into the URL up there so you can see what it's doing. I've ensured that it's a Code Block I'm adding to the additional info part of the product but all I get is the code, and not the Facebook comment box I w
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