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  1. Thanks that helped. It's still wrapping onto the 2nd line. See the down arrow and the social icons? Anyway to fix that, or should I just get rid of those? I appreciate the help. Is there a way to adjust the cutoff point? as the width comes in, I could adjust the point that it switches from the desktop menu to a burger style?
  2. That page doesn't address the Mobile menu. Just main menus without submenus.
  3. Hi. Thank you for responding. I already have that code...which was why I started a new question as that one didn't address the submenu. See the attached image above...select a page within the Gallery dropdown and they all turn black, or active. I wanted to show what page they were on...not the group. So if you selected Photo Gallery as shown, the Gallery would be black as your in that group and the Photo would be the only one black in the submenu. The other Galleries would be blue as they are inactive. So this was a separate question than what was shown. Is it possible to do as I described or did I go down the virtual-rabbit-hole? Thanks.
  4. Site URL: https://photoguy.com Hi guys. The Squarespace logo, seen below is way too big. I want to remove or hide it. I tried changing the background o that it wasn't visible but it changes my website consistently in terms of theme colors too much. I have tried to copy the CSS and make it really small or to remove it altogether but apparently I'm not clever enough. Can anyone help with this please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Site URL: https://photoguy.com Hello. Can anyone help with the CSS for changing the colors of the mobile menu active, hover, etc. I'm trying to make the experience consistent with desktop vs mobile versions of site. I like to show links as blue, the page your on as black and pages you hover over as green. Can anyone help with this please?
  6. Site URL: https://photoguy.com Hi guys. I'm hoping someone could help me with CSS for my submenu inactive links should be blue, the page your on should be a black. Just like how the navigation colors work for the main menu pages. Do you see in the image below? Pick a submenu page and all the pages in the submenu turn black. That sucks. I want a client to know where they are currently (black). The other submenu pages would be blue because they are not on those. Did I explain that well? I hope I did. Thanks.
  7. Site URL: https://photoguy.com Hello. I did search but didn't find my answer in regards to 7.1 navigation menu as the screen is reduced for smaller devices. In wordpress I was able to adjust the cutoff parameter for the screen size reduction for mobile devices. With my Squarespace 7.1 site, as the screen width is reduced, the header navigation starts to create a second line....which looks terrible. I attached an image to help explain my situation. Is there CSS or a setting that I may have missed in the Squarespace settings? Thanks.
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