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  1. On my website, I have placed full page-width images and a colored footer that also spans the page width. However, when I scroll to the right of the page, there is a white stripe/margin space on the right that was originally out of view. Does anyone know why this extra space is on the website, and how to remove it?
  2. I have set all of the margins and padding to zero in an attempt to create a full page-wide image at the top of the page. On my computer ( 2017 Macbook Air with screen width of 1440px), the image fills the screen and looks great, but I am able to scroll a bit to the right of the page and see a white side stripe. On computers with a larger screen with, the image no longer fills the entire screen width, there are instead white margins on eat side despite this CSS code: body{width:100%;margin:auto;min-width:600px;max-width:3000px} (The 3000px should accomodate for most larger monitors and laptop
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